Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Skincare finds!

I have found two new holy grail new loves in the skincare department. I have very sensitive and very dry skin, which means that when I have tried new products recently I have had bad reactions.

The first product was which is a brilliant moisturising facial wash which has stuck to the simple brand which is known to be good for sensitive skin. I have been over the moon to find something that not only lathers and washes my face really well but doesn't give me a reaction at the same time.

After this I found a new moisturiser from a recommendation from zoella; . This is definitely my favourite new purchase as not only does it moisturise my skin, which is something I really need. But it contains some of the same ingredients as bio oil and is supposed to reduce scaring and dark marks. When I first heard this from Zoe I thought that it wouldn't work but I thought for £4 i couldn't go wrong with trying it. Since then I have used it for a week and it is amazing the difference that it has made. Many of my dark marks are a lot less prominent that they were and this is only after a week! If this product continues in this way then I can guarntee that this will be a re purchase!

If you have read this, this is only my second post on here and I am still finding my feet so a comment with any tips on how to use this new contraption would be really appreciated!

Vlogmas obsession

I have an absolute obsession at the moment with vlogmas videos! These have included Ingrid (missglamorazzi) Luke (lukeconrad), Fleur (Fleurdeforce) and both Jim and Tanya who have been sharing the exciting news of their engagement! Yay! I honestly am starting to feel like I know these people after seeing there everyday lives for the last 16 days! I just thought I would share this new love and even though all of these vloggers well and truly had won me over, I am now 100% addicted!